Label Produk Sticker Anti Pemalsuan Anti Fake Hologram

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Spesifikasi Label Produk Sticker Anti Pemalsuan Anti Fake Hologram

Microporous Membrane

This is a special privilege technique that no others can provide. Microporous membrane is a membrane produce by high tech equipment that create small pores on PET membrane and be designed as symbols or wordings. This is a feature with very complex production technique but easiest for users to be examine authenticity.


Dual Color Precise Hologram

Special printing technique that designed with two different colors of holographic in a designated area.  This allow examination with naked eyes to check the defects of printing. This require high tech printing devices and strict Quality Checking to ensure all holographic are printed precisely on the designated area with zero tolerance. This technique is to enhance the traditional holographic and avoid it to become only an eye-catching fancy designed label without a significant function.


Variable Code (QR Codes / Barcode / Digital Codes & etc)

Modern marketing codes that use by most of the companies today. Our specialty is to provide multi QR Codes in a single Label, to provide different purposes of coding. (For eg.: Explicit QR Code for tracking purposes and hidden/implicit QR code for authentication check.)


Anti-Retransfer / Anti-Removal

Without this feature, the rest of the technique are almost useless. Anti-Retransfer feature means to avoid the Anti-Counterfeiting Label to be transferred to a counterfeited product or packaging.


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